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  • Description of new Interlude 10x

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    Description of new Interlude 10x
    Opening: April 30    |    Open beta: April 28



    • Chronicles: Interlude
    • Platform: L2OFF
    • Rates: 10x


    • Exp: 10x
    • Sp: 10x
    • Adena: 10x
    • SealStone: 5x (amount)
    • Drop: chance 7x, amount 1x
    • Spoil: chance 5x, amount 1x
    • Quest Reward (adena/exp/sp): 5x
    • RaidBoss Exp/Sp: 3x
    • RaidBoss Drop: chance 1x, amount  1x
    • EpicBoss: 1x



    • Full buff by Newbie Guide - from 1 to 80 lvl.
    • Selling 1 and 2 professions for adena in the Luxury Shop.
    • Offline trading (Offline trading scrolls are issued for voting in ratings)
    • Automatic drop selection, except for raid bosses (included in the .menu).
    • Stack LifeStones, Books, Sharpening Scrolls.
    • Learning 1 and 2 vocational skills without books.
    • Full implementation of Interlude Chronicles on the official platform.
    • Good quality geodata.
    • Your own best protection against bugs / dupes / bots, etc.
    • All 9 locks work.
    • Fully working clan system Interlude (8 levels, Academy, Guards, Knights, Sponsor).
    • Clan Points, Apella Armor, quests for clan reputation, for capturing a castle, for quests are correctly configured and working.
    • Demonic weapons Zariche and Akamanah work, with the ability to issue several skills to the owner.
    • Shadow Items are working.
    • Fishing and manor work in accordance with the off-server.
    • Augmentation with all its additions.
    • Fully working duels and battles in parties.
    • All Raid Bosses of the game have been implemented (including Frintezza (fully working), the snow queen, etc.).
    • All quests have been implemented, some quests have a drop chance raised in accordance with the server rates.
    • Seven seals work in full cycle.
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