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    1. Description of new Interlude 10x Opening: April 30 | Open beta: April 28 Features: Chronicles: Interlude Platform: L2OFF Rates: 10x Rates: Exp: 10x Sp: 10x Adena: 10x SealStone: 5x (amount) Drop: chance 7x, amount 1x Spoil: chance 5x, amount 1x Quest Reward (adena/exp/sp): 5x RaidBoss Exp/Sp: 3x RaidBoss Drop: chance 1x, amount 1x EpicBoss: 1x Details: Full buff by Newbie Guide - from 1 to 80 lvl. Selling 1 and 2 professions for adena in the Luxury Shop. Offline tradi
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